COVID-19 Update!!


We are now able to offer Onsite Training!!!


We are monitoring updates by the Alabama Department of Public Health and CDC for any changes in recommendations. All Students that plan to attend classes at the school will be required to do an appropriate (20 second) hand wash before class and after. 

Stay home if you or anyone in the family doesn’t feel well, officials are also recommending that at-risk individuals should avoid crowds and take other steps to protect themselves. "At-risk" is defined as anyone over the age of 60 or anyone of any age with a chronic medical condition including heart disease, lung disease or diabetes.

Everyone needs to choose a training method that meets their personal needs.

Onsite Training -


Before Class

   Arrive 5 minutes prior to class starting

   For the month of May, we ask parents to wait in the vehicles during class

   Students are asked to wear a comfortable face mask

   Students should enter the school 

   Be screened 

  • Temperature
  • Ask about being sick or being around someone sick.

Immediately proceed to wash hands

   After hands are washed proceed to classroom

During Class

   Students will not share equipment

  • 1 Focus Target per student
  • 1 set of Escrima sticks per student
  • When finished place on floor next to container

   Siblings should work together during drills

   No sibling – use caution and reasonable distancing

   Classes will be 30 minutes in length – Class Times below

After Class

   Once class is over Students should immediately wash hands

   Socializing is expected and understandable.

  •    Use distancing a must
  •    Limit the number of students in conversation
  •    If weather permits socialize outside

Please do not linger in the school, we will be sanitizing between classes

Between Classes

   Wipe down and clean all equipment 

   Mats will be sprayed with disinfectant


Training Times

Class Times (arrive 10 minutes prior to class)

  • Beginners at 4:30
  • Intermediates at 5:15
  • Advance at 6:00
  • Adults at 6:45

At Home Training

Anyone wishing to train at home, we will set training activities and requirements appropriate for rank. 

Forms Class (for everyone, there will be no in class forms practice)

   Between 2pm – 4pm

   Color belts Monday and Wednesday

   Black belts Tuesday and Thursday

Training Class

   Will be during the corresponding time for in class training for their rank

   Will be 30 minutes in length

   Student will need to be visible online during class

   Question will be fielded by 

  • Raising hand 
  • Asking question though comment on Zoom


There will be NO ONSITE TESTING this cycle. Guidelines for testing are still being finalized at this time and I will let you know as soon as I have them completed.

As conditions change, we will be updating everyone along with altering training.