Taekwondo United Fall Nationals

September 28th & 29th

Tournament site

Von Braun Center

East Hall #2

700 Monroe St SW, 

Huntsville, AL 35801 

next door to the Embassy Suites hotel

Admission Fees

$7 for 1 Day (either Friday or Saturday)

$10 for the Weekend (includes both Friday and Saturday)

Competitions Times

Weapons (pdf)


Free Design (pdf)


Traditional Competition (pdf)


Huntsville, AL

We can’t wait to see you in Huntsville! 

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Tournament T-shirt

Pre Order with your Instructor

There will be opportunities to upgrades your t-shirt on site.


Basic tournament t-shirt is $20

Hotel Information

Embassy Suites


800 Monroe Street, 

Huntsville, AL 35801

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Taekwondo United

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Seminar #1


Starts at 9:00 in  East Hall 2 in VonBaun Center 

Seminar is for Teen (13+) and adults

Point Sparring with Mr. Kyle Freeman

Part 1 will focus on footwork/kicking designed for speed.   Footwork is paramount to keeping range and bridging the gap between you and your opponent.  We will focus on how footwork can set up your opponent making it easier for you to score.  We will also demonstrate how your footwork can increase the speed of your kicks. 

Part 2 will focus on counter techniques.  Timing is the most important aspect of delivering an effective countering technique.  We will cover the 3 basic counters and 2 advanced counters.  These counter techniques can be easily applied immediately. 

Seminar #2


Starts at 10:00 in  East Hall 2 in VonBaun Center 

Seminar is for Teen (13+) and adults

This seminar will concentrate on Ground Fighting and Submissions using Raposa da Prata  skills with Mr. Rob McLea

Seminar #3


Starts at 11:00 in  East Hall 2 in VonBaun Center 

Seminar is for Juniors (7-12)


 Taught by Katalugnan Guro Pete Sorce.   

Single Stick Drills and Skills 

This action packed seminar will take students through a variety of single stick drills that the students will love.  Presented in a fashion that will build coordination and skill using single stick techniques from the Inayan System Of Eskrima.

Other Events

High Rank Interviews

Interviews will begin at 12 noon in East Hall 2 in Von Baun Center.  Full Uniform required.

Interviews are everyone preparing to test for 4th degree and above.

Instructor Certification testing

Starts at 9:00am on Friday in East Hall 2 in VonBaun Center.  Instructors candidates must complete all 3 classes to achieve Certification.

High Rank Testing

High Rank Testing will begin at 3:30pm on Friday in East Hall 2 in VonBaun Center. Everyone testing must register by August 31st.

Competitions and Challenges

Board Breaking Challenge


Board Breaking Challenge is open to all Competitors.  

The Challenge consist of 5 breaks.

Competitors will be given 1 attempt to break each station, and after the attempts are complete the competitor will be scored or graded upon the number of successful breaks.  Competitor will be allowed 1 retry in order to better their medal results. (max. of 6 total attempts for the 5 breaks stations)  

Weapon Competition


Weapon forms may be Traditional or Creative in style.

Weapons Divisions:  

BEGINNER:  any competitor with weapon training for 1 year or less.  

INTERMEDIATE: any competitor with weapon training 1-2 years.  

ADVANCED: any competitor with weapon training for more than 2 years. 

Free Design Form Competition


Free Design Forms are original in make-up and  judged on the following criteria: 

• Use of Time: 

• Difficulty  

• Originality

• Presentation 

• Practical application 

• Stances, timing and rhythm 

• Transition of techniques

Taditional Forms


The criteria to consider when judging Traditional forms include: 

  • focus
  • stances 
  • power 
  • timing 
  • tempo
  • line of movement 

This criteria is important to the artistic expression of the form and will be considered when awarding a score. 

Combinations / Point Sparring


Combinations -  Competitors are judged on accuracy of technique, timing, and focus. 

Point Sparring -   

Points are only awarded for clean technique. 

  • Green, Purple, and Blue belts can score points if their techniques are two to three inches from the target area. 
  • Brown belts and above must make controlled contact to score points.

Rules / Guidelines

TU High Rank & Certified Testing Registration Form (pdf)


Interview information (pdf)


National Tournament registration huntsville (pdf)


Weapons Rules (pdf)


Demo Team Rules (pdf)


Board Breaking Rules (pdf)


Free Design Rules (pdf)


Registration forms

National Tournament registration huntsville (pdf)


TU High Rank and Certification Testing Registration Form (pdf)